Linguine with meatballs… and cats update

Another shortcut dinner – Jac bought a pack ready-made pork and veal meatballs, a jar of pasta sauce and linguine from the supermarket. The meatballs smelled glorious as they were frying in the pan – I circled around the kitchen like a hungry crow – I just knew this would be a tasty dinner.

Linguine with meatballs

On meatballs
I love meatballs, the smaller the better. I presume restaurants that serve meatballs and spaghetti don’t bother making really tiny meatballs as it’s more work / time-consuming to make more meatballs (maybe?)… but they’re so good! I want more tiny meatballs!

EDIT: Oh, and meatballs I must mention are the Swedish meatballs from IKEA! Whenever I go to IKEA I MUST have them! My sister Juji made Swedish meatballs for us once – they were fantastic (see the blog post – Welcome Home Meatballs)!

Cats update
Pixel came back from the cattery naughtier than before. When she was younger she used to jump up on tables and steal food off the kitchen counter. She used to dig in the bin for food scraps. But she hadn’t done any of that for YEARS… until she came home from the cattery. Now she’s back to her original naughty Pixel self, and we’re having to be disciplinarians all over again.

Imagine the movie trailer (imagine the movie trailer man voice):
They sent her to a cattery for three days…
They thought she’d come back their lovable little cat…

But they were wrong…

Billy Lee is most upset that my footstool is no longer underneath the study desk (it’s stored away in the garage at the moment). She likes to sit on it next to my feet as I work. She definitely doesn’t like the emptier-than-normal house – she’s usually a talkative cat and has been walking around the house complaining-meowing even more than usual. Unfortunately, by the time they settle down again it will probably be time to move again (into the new house)!

But naughty or not, Pixel is still our lovable little cat, and Billy Lee is our lovable big cat. :-D

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