Rice porridge (chok) with oyster sauce pork

Jac bought some pork ribs and made pork rice porridge (chok, rice congee, jook) for dinner – I was thrilled, as I love rice porridge! It’s perfect for a cold wintery day as well as being one of my all-time comforting meals (in any weather or temperature). She even fried up chopped garlic for garnish. I drizzled soy sauce and sprinkled fried shallots on top – we buy those by the jar. I agreed to a sprig of coriander as a garnish to add colour to the dish for the photo – bad mistake! (Long-time readers groan: “Oh no! Another Garnishgate!” :)) You guys know how I detest the taste of coriander – well, even after it had been removed, the smell of it remained. So my first bowl of porridge had a faint flavour of coriander. I had to add extra garlic and soy sauce to overpower it. And wash it down with a second bowl of 100% coriander-free chok. And a third half-bowl. Well, they were small bowls. :)

Pork rice porridge (chok)

Jac also made a stir-fry of pork, snow peas and spinach with oyster sauce, which we ate as a side dish to the porridge. It was a delicious, comforting, tummy-warming meal. Rice porridge is a dish Jac as a ‘whitey’ only discovered and learned to cook after being with me. She does an awesome job! :-P Sharp-eyed readers – yes, that’s a tiny bit of fat left on the pork, and a tiny sliver of snow pea string! It all ended up in the same place – my warm, happy tummy!

Stir-fried oyster sauce pork and greens

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