Breakfast at Cafe Bella Rosa – bacon bacon bacon

A Sunday breakfast post on a Sunday morning! We had breakfast recently at Cafe Bella Rosa (897 Albany Highway, East Victoria Park). One of Jac’s hockey team mates loves this place, and we had an Entertainment Card discount for it, so we thought “Why not?” :) I’d just like to start by showing you a close-up of my bacon. You will know, of course, how much I love bacon, but this was amazing bacon. I’ll rave on about it a little later in this post.

My bacon close-up

Jac ordered the Calabrese breakfast (AU$11.50), which was poached eggs served drowned in napolitana sauce, with olives and bacon on toasted Italian bread. It probably doesn’t look that great – a plate of orangey lumpy something with bacon on the side! There was chilli in the tomato sauce, which gave it a surprising bite. The olives were tasty, but there were only three of them – Jac found herself wishing for more. She enjoyed this dish, but thought the bread ended up much too soggy as it had soaked up loads of sauce even before she started eating. And once she pierced the poached eggs with her fork, the gooey yolks soggified the bread even more. :)

Calabrese breakfast

I ordered the pancakes with maple syrup and cream (AU$7.90) with a side of bacon (AU$3.00). The pancakes on their own would’ve been very unsatisfying – they were spongy and overly sweet (I guess one can’t expect too much for $7.90). But the bacon had a magical effect – every mouthful of bacon and pancake rolled in maple syrup and smothered in cream – oh, I smothered! – was delicious. And you know what I liked about this as well? The chef clearly understood my intention to eat the bacon with the pancakes – he / she placed the pile of bacon right on top of the pancakes, as if to say “You wanted bacon with your pancakes? Well, THERE IT IS!” I’d have liked a little more maple syrup, or better, syrup served in its own jug, but chef, you did well!

Pancakes with maple syrup and cream and a side of bacon

But the bacon we were served was fantastic – I’d rank it among the best bacon I’ve ever been served in a cafe. Jac’s bacon was thickly cut and made my mouth water when I saw it (a kind of bacon envy, definitely a bacon desire!) – see the photo below. Our bacon was a perfect tender balance of lean and fat, a satisfying chew with a beautiful flavour. It was a majestic bacon that could proudly represent all bacons! Jetgirl, I know what you’re going to say! But it’s not ham! LOL :-P

Bacon close-up

Oh, and service was good – we’ll happily return for another meal.

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