Brunch at Niche Cafe – chicken burger FAIL

We were at Carousel Shopping Centre recently and feeling hungry, stopped for a burger brunch at Niche Cafe, which is in the section near GAME and JB Hifi, down the way from the new Dreamy Donuts kiosk. We’d eaten breakfast here before and enjoyed it, so were pretty confident the burgers would be decent. Jac ordered the veggie burger (AU$10.50), which consisted of a veggie pattie, cheese, beetroot, tomato, baby spinach, barbecue sauce and sour cream.

Vegie burger

Apart from the beetroot, I thought her burger looked really good – especially the bright white sour cream. She said it was pretty tasty, though she would’ve liked the cheese to be melted. I don’t think I’ve had sour cream in a burger before, but I do like the idea of it – I’d love it as an alternative to mayonnaise.

Vegie burger

I ordered the chicken burger (AU$10.50). This proved to be a bad choice.

Chicken burger

You could see Jac’s vegetable pattie in her burger. Can you see the chicken in this burger? Can you see something vaguely chickeny in amongst all that leafy green? Maybe just a wee shadow of a suggestion of a hint of something that may be the chicken in this “chicken” burger?

Chicken burger

This is why the chicken wasn’t visible! Look! A sad, pathetic little chicken thigh, less than half the size of the bun. Not good enough! I was not impressed. Niche Cafe chicken burger FAIL. Interestingly, the menu advised the chicken burger contained grilled chicken breast, as well as the capsicum, tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise. But there was no way this piece of chicken was chicken breast – it was far too fatty and juicy, with the distinct springiness of thigh meat. It was actually quite tasty… just a shame it was so small. I couldn’t help but feel cheated and dissatisfied!

Where's the chicken? Not good enough!

Wait… let’s do that properly! Here’s my ode to Fail Blog, a site that never fails to crack me up. :)

Chicken burger FAIL

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