Chee cheong fun

Chee cheong fun has got to be one of my favourite noodle dishes. It’s steamed soft rice flour noodles. We buy these from Fook Kee at Spencer Village International Food Hall, 200 Spencer Road, Thornlie. Fook Kee serves the chee cheong fun rolled up and chopped into segments, served with a sweet thick sauce and fried beancurd skin, topped with fragrant sesame seeds.

Chee cheong fun

For me, happiness is sitting at my computer chatting on a friend online while eating these soft noodles.

For more info including what the words “chee cheong fun” mean, read the Wikipedia entry on chee cheong fun.

The photo in this post shows the plainest way to eat chee cheong fun – it’s plain and simple and my favourite way; Jac says that’s much too simple for her taste. I’ve featured variations of chee cheong fun before, including chee cheong fun stuffed with prawn and with barbecue pork. See:
Dim sum at Emma’s in Victoria Park
Dim sum at Marigold in Haymarket, NSW.

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