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The painters arrived at the house at 6am. They were very impressed with the packing we’d done, leaving them easy access to the walls. With Juji and Jay’s help, we’d packed all the books into boxes and then hauled the bookshelves out of the house and packed them away in the garage. Anyone who’s been to our house will know how many books we have (one of the reasons we really needed a bigger house!) – when the painter came over to give us a quote the first time, the wall to wall bookshelves were his greatest concern, and I think he secretly thought we’d fail to get rid of them and he’d have to paint around them – as if! After talking with the painters and leaving them the spare key, Jac and I drove to a lunch bar to have breakfast before she dropped me off at work. She ordered a bacon and egg toasted sandwich with barbecue sauce.

Bacon and egg sandwich with BBQ sauce

The bacon looked terribly thin to me. When I saw the bacon peeking out of the sandwich, it reminded me of the paper-thin bacon in the bacon and egg sub I had from Subway earlier this year.

Bacon and egg sandwich with BBQ sauce

Jac said the sandwich was pretty good, though. They’d put a decent amount of sauce in the sandwich, and the egg yolk was nice and gooey. From this angle, the bacon didn’t look quite as measly.

Bacon and egg sandwich with BBQ sauce innards

I had a chicken and vegetable pie. Tasty peppery gravy with chunks of chicken, corn kernels and peas. Pies are just so good, so comforting.

Chicken and vegetable pie

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