Fisherman’s basket and sea shanties

This is a fisherman’s basket from the fish and chippie (that’s what we call the fish and chip shop). At our local fish and chippie, the fisherman’s basket comes with two small pieces of fish, four squid rings and two of each of the following: prawns, sea scallops and crab stick (well, as a cost-cutting measure lately they’ve used one crab stick and cut it into two – doesn’t matter to me as I don’t like them and never eat them). Everything was great – the prawns were bursty beneath the batter, the calamari smooth and tender and not at all rubbery. This time, I also ordered a couple of sea shanties. I love sea shanties – they’re like seafood cakes, but with vegetables in them as well- carrot, peas and corn. See this old post for a sea shanty innards shot. The smell of fish and chips through the warm paper package as I carry it home – that’s got to be one of my favourite smells. And the feel of the warm paper against my cheek, knowing I’m about to eat something delicious – that’s one of the best feelings too. I wish I could bottle that feeling and take a little swig whenever I’m feeling down.

Fisherman's basket and sea shanties

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