Moving weekend food

Moving weekend featured lots of junk food. Juji and Jay came round to help on Saturday morning and brought us breakfast from McDonald’s – bacon and egg mcmuffins, hash browns, OJ for me and a cappucino for Jac.

A breakfast on moving day

We all took a lunch break a few hours later – Jac’s mum Pattycakes and I did the lunch run to Hungry Jack’s and got burgers for everyone. We ate our lunch sitting outside on the new patio.

Jay's Whopper and fries

This was my Whopper, wolfed down shortly after the photo was taken.

Whopper and fries

Jac’s brother Brad helped out with his trailer-driving skills and physical strength earlier in the day, while Kelsie helped Juji unpack some of the kitchen stuff. Later on Kelsie came back over with the kids and a batch of freshly baked chocolate “moving muffins”, which we enjoyed with hot cups of tea. :D

Movin' muffins

The next day, Jac got us more burgers for brunch – I had a Hungry Jack’s grilled chicken burger this time.

Hungry Jacks Grilled Chicken Burger

The fries were quite fresh and very good.


Jac’s cheeseburger – they never look as good as they do in the ads, do they? This one looked as though someone had sat on it! :-P Tasted good, though.

Cheeseburger - they never look like this in the ads!

Thanks again to our moving helpers – we couldn’t have done it without you guys.

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