Cats and dishwasher

I mentioned some time ago on the TFP Facebook page that we bought a dishwasher. The cats loved the dishwasher. Well, the dishwasher box. We bought the dishwasher on a late night Thursday at the shops but didn’t get it installed until over a week later. In the meantime, the cats had a great time sitting on the dishwasher box.


Billy Lee is not very good at jumping up high – she’s never been a good jumper. We watch her repeatedly doing run-ups and failing. Poor Billy, it’s hard not to laugh sometimes. We were so surprised to find her one evening, sitting on the box like the queen of the castle.

Billy Lee on the dishwasher

It didn’t take long for Pixel to decide she wanted to join Billy Lee on top of the box.

A little black cat approaches

Pixel prepares to jump up

Two seconds later, she was up there. Billy Lee shuffled over grudgingly. Later on, we discovered how Billy Lee was getting up onto the box – she was climbing up the black shelves NEXT to the box, then jumping across. Pixel just did a standing jump from the floor, straight up.

Two cats on a dishwasher

They sat like this for ages. I took this photo of the cats watching Jac intently as she cooked dinner.

Two cats on a dishwasher

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