Chicken enchiladas

Last month Jac made chicken enchiladas for dinner using an Old El Paso enchilada pack, which included soft corn tortillas and enchilada seasoning. She filled the tortillas with a chicken and bean mix, and topped them in the baking dish with lots of cheese and enchilada sauce which included more chunks of chicken. The smell of the oven-baked corn tortillas was mouth-watering! And they looked fantastic too!

Chicken enchiladas

We ate the enchiladas with salad. They were so good. I love the chewy texture of hot baked soft corn tortillas and melted cheese. I do get “gluggy” from eating dairy products – you would have notice I never add cheese to my pasta, for example – but occasional meals like this are well worth the glugginess (have tried soy cheese and sadly, just don’t like it)!

Chicken enchiladas with salad

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