Friday special nasi lemak at Munch Terrace

Workmate J and I decided to take advantage of a sunny day and walk to Munch Terrace to get their Friday special – nasi lemak. It was as good as ever, with sambal, a large deep-fried battered chicken wing, ikan bilis (little fish) with peanuts, fried egg, achar (pickled vegetables), otak-otak, and of course, a delicious dome of fragrant coconut rice.

Nasi lemak

J dug into her egg and discovered, to her joy, that the egg yolk was still soft. So of course I had to check my egg for myself. Prodding revealed that my egg yolk was pleasingly gooey too! My egg was quite spicy as it was adorned with sambal. I also got a lot of the fried fluffy crusty bits from the pan. Not good for me but yummy.

Prodding to check egg yolk gooeyness

We were pleased to see they now sell root beer at Munch – though I wish it was A&W root beer. Still, this Cheers root beer went very well with nasi lemak. It’s funny, I struggle to finish a can of soft drink normally, but when it’s root beer, I get through the can with no trouble at all, and then usually want more.

Cheers root beer

Sorry I haven’t replied to comments and emails recently – I’ve been very busy at work and finding it hard to fit everything into my day. If only I had time to just blog all day… such a shame one needs money to live.

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