Macaroni cheese and mini hot dogs

I love Kraft brand macaroni cheese, the kind that comes in a blue box off the supermarket shelf. Just cook the pasta, add milk, butter and the magic sachet of cheesey goodness, stir it all through and you’re all set! I discovered it when I was 18 years old after moving out of home – my housemate introduced me to it. We lived mostly on toasted sandwiches at this time (see post Thinking about toasted sandwiches), but occasionally we’d splash out on a blue box of mac and cheese for a treat. It makes me very gluggy but I love it. These days, I don’t eat it very often (maybe once every couple of years!) – and when I do, I really savour it with pleasure. Jac sprinkled chopped fresh spring onion over the top of her macaroni cheese, but I had mine plain.

Macaroni and cheese

We had a craving for hot dogs on the same weekend. On the Sunday afternoon, Jac went to the supermarket to get hot dog buns and wieners. She found the wieners easily, but hot dog buns were another story. She drove around to a few different shops – no hot dog buns anywhere. In the end out of desperation (she knew I was waiting at home, looking forward to having hot dogs, and she didn’t want to disappoint me – awwww!) she bought a bag of dinner rolls, the kind you’d serve on the side with your soup or main course. We cooked up the wieners, sliced them in half, placed them in the bread rolls and squirted on mustard and tomato sauce – voila, mini hot dogs! :D

Mini hot dogs

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