The pinkest prawn crackers I ever saw

My day at work had left me exhausted and crabby, and Jac knew what would cheer me up: a midweek dinner date at the International Eating House food hall in East Victoria Park! I’m a woman of simple pleasures.

Jac had a small teriyaki fish set, with fish, vegetables, rice and miso soup from the Japanese stall.

Teriyaki fish set

You can choose to have salad or vegetables with your meal. Sometimes Jac’s in the mood for salad, sometimes she’s in the mood for vegetables. On this occasion, it was vegetables.

Teriyaki fish on vegetables

Miso soup

I ordered my favourite dish in the whole food hall – the chicken hokkien mee from the Chinese stall with the BBQ meats hanging at the front. I’ve eaten this many times now, and every single time the chicken is succulent and bouncy and the noodles absolutely delicious.

Chicken hokkien mee

We also got three spring rolls to munch on as we waited for our main courses to be ready. The spring rolls came with a few complimentary prawn crackers – I have never seen such hot pink prawn crackers before! I was mesmerised by their pinkness (I snapped out of it when I realised Jac was munching away and I’d miss out if I didn’t start eating! :-P).

OMG, that's PINK!

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