Dinner – lamb ribs, chicken drumsticks, potatoes, corn and coleslaw

We had friends over for dinner. Jac bought marinated lamb ribs to serve for a starter. Here they are in the oven tray ready for cooking.

Lamb ribs ready for cooking

Lamb ribs on a bed of greens, served as a shared starter. The ribs hadn’t looked like they had much meat on them, but I was wrong, they were deceptively meaty. We got through almost all of these between four people! Jac took the leftover ribs to work for lunch the next day.

Lamb ribs

Main course was chicken drumsticks marinated in peri peri sauce and baked in the oven.

Peri peri chicken drumsticks

To go with the chicken, some coleslaw:


And baked in the oven with the chicken, corn on the cob and potatoes wrapped in foil.

Oven roasted corn and potatoes

This was a tasty dinner. With a slice or two of fresh buttered bread and butter, salt and pepper on my potato, I was ready to go. I’m sure we’ve discussed before the merits of corn on the cob with butter. I like corn on the cob with butter – when we go to the Royal Show one of the things I must eat is corn on the cob with garlic butter – but generally speaking, especially at home, I prefer it without.

My plate

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