I love cold leftover pizza

A fantastic lunch I ate at work! Leftover pizza, homemade by Brad and Kelsie in their new pizza oven. Jac had been to their house for dinner the night before – I had some work to do and chose to stay home. When Jac came home, she carried with a plate of leftover pizza! So this is my lunch plate at work the next day. The two slices on the left are chicken pizza, the deep dish-style one on the right is the supreme. I ate the pizza cold – I love cold pizza! I heated up the garlic bread though, and the smell was enticing (I must apologise to my workmates, who breathed in the heavenly aroma and looked enviously at my food >:D mwahahahaa). The garlic bread was all homemade too – the bread was baked by Kelsie. Good job guys, this was the highlight of my day.

Pizza leftovers for lunch (with garlic bread too!)

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