Chicken stew and rice

“How about chicken stew for dinner?” Jac asked me.
“Yes please!” I replied. “Chicken stew for dinner ANY TIME!”

She served the stew in a big bowl over rice. I took my first mouthful. YUM!
“Mmmmm! How did you cook this rice?” I asked.
“I used half water, half chicken stew juice,” she said, beaming.
With a generous amount stew on top and drowned in gravy, the rice looked mushy like baby food but boy was it tasty! I love everything about this stew but as always, the highlight for me was the tender, sweet carrots. And Jac put corn in it! She knows how much I love corn. :D

Chicken stew

I packed more stew and rice for my lunch the next day. All morning I looked forward to lunch and couldn’t wait to eat my stew and rice.

Chicken stew and rice in lunch box

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