Dinner – best pork steaks ever

Hope you guys have had a lovely Christmas. The Christmas food posts are coming soon, but in the meantime, you’ll just have to cope with non-Christmas food posts. :)

I am not exaggerating when I say these were the most delicious pork steaks I have ever eaten. After the first bite I ate very slowly, savouring every chew.

Pork steaks with potato salad, tomato salad and a dish of fruit chutney

This was an experimental potato salad Jac threw together. It consisted of steamed potatoes and sweet potatoes, baby peas, hard boiled egg and chopped parsley. She used mayonnaise for the dressing. It was surprisingly good!

Experimental potato salad

Jac also made a tomato, onion and cucumber salad, with a double vinegar dressing (a little red wine vinegar and a little white wine vinegar). It was quite refreshing, but I preferred the potato salad. Jac liked this one better.

Tomato, onion and cucumber salad

So back to these pork steaks. Jac rubbed them with Alseason before cooking. The Alseason complemented the pork flavour beautifully, adding a tasty savouryness to the delicious natural pork flavour. Jac cooked them so perfectly so they were tender and juicy, and slicing into the meat with my knife was such a pleasure. Jac served the pork with a little dish of fruit chutney, but the pork was so good it really didn’t need any sauce.

Pork steaks close-up

A different angle of the pork steaks close-up

I know some of you will ask about the Alseason, so I took this photo the last time we were at the supermarket. We use the original/plain Alseason, but there are “spicy”, “peppered” and “herb and garlic” varieties. This is what they look like (see bottles 2 to 5 from the left, top shelf):

Alseason bottles on the supermarket shelf

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