Dinner – flat rice noodles with marinated pork and turkey

This was a delicious rice noodle stir-fry Jac cooked, with sliced turkey steaks and pork steaks! She’d bought the turkey steaks and pork steaks fully intending to cook them up in whitey meals, but the hungry glutton she cooks for had a craving for something more Asian! She stir-fried the turkey and pork with bok choy, spring onions, fresh baby corn and mung bean sprouts. It was so good – I ate a huge bowl for dinner and another big bowl the next morning for breakfast. And finished the last of the noodles for breakfast the morning after that. When I asked her why she used both turkey and pork, she simply shrugged and said “because they were both there and because I could”. :)

Rice noodles with marinated pork and turkey

Pixel had already eaten her dinner with a little dish of cat milk. She should’ve had a full belly but I guess she just wants our food because it’s our food! Here she is, looking fixatedly at our noodle bowls.

Pixel wants noodles

And here’s a face we know so well – it says: “Why can’t I have some of your food?”

Pixel wants our food

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