Dinner – takeaway noodles in a box

On one of the nights Jac was away I went to Noodlebox (118 Royal St, East Perth) after work and got a takeaway regular chicken pad thai.

Pad Thai from Noodlebox

I ordered my pad thai without peanuts but with fish cake. I love fish cake so much, especially in a noodle stir-fry. Noodlebox’s regular size is HUGE. Sometimes I can get through a whole regular in one sitting, but on this occasion I ate about two-thirds for dinner and finished off the rest for breakfast the next morning. I love noodles for breakfast. I could have noodles for breakfast every day like people have cereal, toast or oatmeal/porridge. As it is, I probably have noodles for breakfast once a week. :)

Pad Thai from Noodlebox - close-up

As the cats crunch on their biscuits, I sit at my computer sucking up noodles, checking email, chatting to my friend overseas, publishing a blog post. It’s a good way to start the morning.

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