My Saturday

So Merry Christmas, everyone! I’d planned to sleep in this morning, but I guess I’m a creature of habit. I’ve been up since 4.30am, my usual weekday wake-up time. Since I’m up, why not publish a blog post? :P

I had a busy Saturday morning recently – went to the post office to mail a package to a friend overseas, saw the doctor (nothing bad, just needed a new prescription), then went to the shops to check out the sales and start my Christmas shopping.

Here’s something I spotted in Myer – it’s a set of bookends that are supposed to say “BOOK”, but I read it as “BO OK” (BO is OK… ewww) XD


While I was out, Jac had her niece and nephew over for the morning while their mum Kelsie was at work. They went to the park, went with Jac to her office and then came home and played Wii. They then all got into the car and came to pick me up from the shops with my bursting shopping bag. :) When we got home, Jac got lunch ready, assembling a platter of cold roast pork, cheese, pickled onions and gherkins, and salad. Kelsie got to our place at around half past one, and lunch was served!

Cold roast pork, cheese, pickles and salad

Jac had also picked up a pesto pasta salad from the supermarket.

Pesto pasta salad

As well as the roast pork, Jac also bought a barbecue chook from the supermarket (sorry, no photo of the chicken). Here’s my plate, with roast pork, salad, and half a bread roll with barbecue chicken and mayo in it.

My plate

For sweets, Kelsie had brought a pull-apart iced bun thingy stuffed with apple. Kels, what’s it called again?

Apple pull-apart iced bun thingy

We also had fresh sweet strawberries.


The bun was nice, but extremely sweet and sticky – very messy on the fingers!


After Kelsie and the kids went home, Jac brought the cats inside and locked up so we could go out to City Farmers to buy cat food and a few bits and pieces for the garden (mulch, sheep poo etc). As soon as the cats were in, they collapsed on the tiles in exactly the same positions as they’d been outside on the patio. :)

Cats on the tiles

We stopped by the shops at Riverton to go to Big W before City Farmers. Guess who was in town? Mr Greedy!

Mr Greedy, his assistant and a couple of kids

My Greedy is my second-favourite Mr Men, my first being Mr Noisy. Mr Noisy was the first Mr Men book I ever owned (I have just about all of the original Mr Men books). I loved his story (it has a butcher in it named Mr Bacon!), and although I’m not into shoes, for some reason I really love his big shoes. I love the original Mr Men cartoons that were based on the original stories, as per the video below:


When we got home, we found the cats had moved onto the couch.

Cats on the couch

They looked very comfy and made no effort to move or get up.

Cats on the couch - closer

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