Dinner – panfried fish, curried potato salad and garden salad

Jac seasoned fish fillets with barbecue seasoning and panfried them for dinner. She served them with two salads – a garden salad and a curried potato salad. I wasn’t expecting curried potato salad – it was a delicious surprise!

Panfried fish, curried potato salad and garden salad

The garden salad was very simple – spinach, grape tomatoes and sliced hard-boiled eggs. As soon as Jac sliced up the boiled eggs, I cracked black pepper on them.

Garden salad close-up

We usually use shop-bought potato salad dressing and tend to have a bottle in the fridge ready to go. Jac had already begun to boil the potatoes when she realised we’d run out of potato salad dressing, so she decided to just use mayonnaise with a little Keen’s curry powder stirred through for something a little different. She added chopped fresh spring onions, and for a lovely crunch, chopped fresh green beans. This curried potato salad was definitely a success – I absolutely loved it.

Curried potato salad close-up

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