Christmas leftovers

This is the last of my Christmas 2009 posts! :D

We ended up with leftover Christmas turkey, ham and prawns. We froze most of the ham but ate all the turkey and prawns over the next couple of days. This was my favourite dish cooked using the leftovers: a Christmas prawns and turkey noodle stir-fry. We stir-fried cabbage, carrot, spring onions and garlic in the wok, then added the cooked egg noodles, then the turkey, a generous splash of soy sauce and oyster sauce and, at the last minute to avoid over-cooking (as they were already cooked), the prawns. Oh, and a handful of bean sprouts right before serving. This was so delicious – saucy, salty and savoury, with tender, succulent turkey thigh meat and, surprisingly, still bursty prawns!

Leftover Christmas prawns and turkey noodle stir-fry

For another meal, Jac enjoyed a plate of cold Christmas ham with sour and sweet gherkin pickles, tasty cheese, crackers, dried apricots, and mustard.

Cold Christmas ham and other bits

We also had a lunch of sandwiches made with the leftover ham and turkey. Very simple, nothing fancy – just lovely soft fresh multi-grain bread with a generous layer of sliced ham, tomato and swiss cheese, with lots of cracked black pepper on the tomato…

Ham, swiss cheese and tomato sandwich

…and fresh multi-grain bread, with sliced turkey breast roast, crisp lettuce and cranberry sauce. All with the bread crusts cut off, of course! :D

Turkey, lettuce and cranberry sandwich

After our huge Christmas family feasts where carefully calculated pacing was required for maximum enjoyment of all the delicious food, it was really nice to eat something as basic as sandwiches for lunch!

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