$1 IKEA hot dog, takeaway nasi lemak lunch and happy cats on mats

We went to IKEA with my sister Juji and boyfriend Jay. They wanted to buy some furniture and as Jay’s car is small, we offered to go along and load up the back of our ute with anything they might buy (and of course, Jac and I love going to IKEA anyway).

As soon as we got to IKEA Jac and I had to (yes, had to) stop for an IKEA $1 hot dog. These hot dogs are one of the greatest value snacks ever. You really do get a big hot dog for a dollar, and those springy, spicy wieners are delicious! As we munched on our hot dogs, we looked through the current IKEA catalogue and Juji pointed out the bookshelves she was hoping to buy.

Jac is reading the IKEA catalogue while I photograph my hot dog

We’d planned to shop first, then eat lunch in the IKEA restaurant, but it didn’t end up working out that way, so I didn’t get to have my beloved Swedish meatballs (regular readers will know all about my love for IKEA’s Swedish meatballs). But back at Juji and Jay’s place after we unloaded the ute, we ordered takeaway nasi lemak from a Chinese restaurant called Hoi Bo. Not Swedish meatballs, but a delicious lunch!

The nasi lemak included coconut rice, a whole hard-boiled egg, peanuts, curry chicken, chilli sambal and achar (pickled vegetables). I love egg, so I was very pleased to see the whole hard-boiled egg – a lot of restaurants serve only half an egg with their nasi lemak. The rice had a pretty good “lemak” flavour too. This nasi lemak was yummy and I’d totally eat it again.

Takeaway nasi lemak for lunch

I couldn’t wait to get home and show the cats what we’d bought. Yes, you read right! I’d bought four round bathroom mats for the cats, each mat a different bright colour. Our cats love mats. Well, they love to sit on anything you put on the floor. It could be a towel, a sheet of newspaper, a piece of cardboard, any piece of cloth or paper of any size, if it’s there, they’ll sit on it. Billy Lee especially loves to sit on the green Woolworth’s shopping bags – if one happens to be on the floor, she’ll just plop herself on top of it. I had a feeling they’d love the new mats.

So when we got home, I laid the mats on the floor in the living room and went about my normal activities, switching on my computer, making a cup of tea, etc. When I looked back at the cats, they were sitting on the mats!

The cats like their new mats

Billy took a shine to the orange mat and sat on it for a long time.

Billy Lee likes the new mats

Pixel kept darting around the house like she usually does, but kept coming back to sit on the red mat for some reason.

The cats like the new mats

And even after Billy Lee finally got up from the orange mat, Pixel kept coming back to the red one. She’d sit on it looking like she was thinking hard about something.

Pixel test drives the new red dot

I’m so glad I bought the mats. They’re actually supposed to be bathroom mats, and accordingly, they have a rubber backing, which means they don’t slip and slide on the tiles. We change the position of the mats regularly and the cats love to walk, stand, sit and lie on them. Simple pleasures!

A month later and Pixel still loves that red mat!

Pixel loves the red mat

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