Dinner – Welsh rarebit, then turkey breast steaks with cauliflower salad

When I got home from work Jac gave me a cold drink and told me to take off my shoes, get into my home clothes and relax – she would be serving the starter very shortly. I sniffed the air and I thought I could smell mustard. As it turned out, it was mustard! She’d made us Welsh rarebit!

Welsh rarebit

Welsh rarebit (pronounced like “rabbit”) is basically cheese on toast, but the cheese is usually seasoned and mixed with other delicious things, like mustard, milk or cream, butter, Worchestershire sauce, or even beer, to make a kind of cheese sauce that you serve hot on top of toasted bread. Jac puts her Welsh rarebit under the grill to toast the cheese mixture until golden brown (I’ve seen some recipes that do this, some that don’t). If you google Welsh rarebit you’ll find a whole range of recipes for making it. Jac doesn’t follow an actual written recipe, but her version of Welsh rarebit is quite mustardy, which I really like. It’s one of her favourite quick, easy and comforting breakfasts/snacks/suppers – and now, a tasty savoury starter too!

Welsh rarebit close-up

Jac had made an interesting salad of steamed cauliflower with chopped fresh cucumber, tomato and finely chopped parsley and spring onions. She dressed it with a little vinegar and olive oil. The cauliflower was still fairly crisp but tender to bite, rather than hard or crunchy.

Cauliflower salad

She served the cauliflower salad with panfried turkey breast steaks. Regular readers will know I prefer dark meat to white/breast – but these turkey breast steaks were pretty tasty. Jac had cooked them carefully so they’d remain as moist as possible.

Turkey breast steaks with cauliflower salad

It was a really great dinner. :D

Welsh rarebit fans, how do you like to make/enjoy yours?

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