Dairy-free French onion dip (made with Tofutti cream cheese)

Jac recently made a dairy-free French onion dip using Tofutti dairy-free cream cheese. The label on the Tofutti cream cheese container proclaims: No dairy, no butterfat and no cholesterol. I was a little skeptical as I tend to be when foods claim to be low in fat but great-tasting – how good would it really taste?

It tasted fantastic! We ate the dip with plain old water crackers and Vita-Weat crackers.

French onion dip made with Tofutti cream cheese served with crackers

If Jac hadn’t told me she’d made it with dairy-free cream cheese, I may not have noticed the difference. It was not as thick as dairy cream cheese dip, but it was definitely creamy enough and just as tasty. I couldn’t stop digging crackers into that dip.

French onion dip made with Tofutti cream cheese

Dairy-free French onion dip

This is really easy and delicious!

1 x 30g packet of Continental French Onion Soup Mix – we use the salt-reduced variety
1 x 227g container of Tofutti plain dairy-free cream cheese

Combine the soup mix with the cream cheese using a fork.
That’s it! I said it was easy!

If you don’t need a dairy-free French onion dip, you can use Philadelphia cream cheese instead of Tofutti. You can add a little milk to the dairy cream cheese if it’s too thick to mix easily. The Tofutti is softer than dairy cream cheese, so no need to add (soy) milk.

Tofutti is definitely dairy-free. The French onion soup mix does not contain any dairy ingredients, but according to the packet, it’s “made on equipment that also processes products containing wheat, milk, peanut, sesame, fish and crustacea.”

Interestingly, you can get Tofutti cream cheese in French onion flavour. We haven’t tried it yet. If it is yummy, it will make easy dairy-free French onion dip even easier! :D

More info about Tofutti cream cheese and other dairy-free products at www.tofutti.com

Note: This is not a sponsored post. I just thought I’d share my discovery of this dairy-free product and Jac’s recipe for French onion dip with you guys. :D

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