Hot roast meat sandwiches from Mondo Butchers, Inglewood

Birthday breakfast, Part 2

Warning to vegetarians – this post is extremely meaty. :)

Still hungry after breakfast at The Pony Club, Juji and Jay, Jac and I all decided to drive further up Beaufort Street to Mondo Butchers, where on Saturday mornings you can buy roast meat sandwiches, with meat carved straight off hot succulent pork, lamb and beef roasts, made with thickly sliced fresh sourdough bread.

We’re all big fans of roast pork but Jac and I wanted to try the lamb and beef too – so we decided to continue with the shared dining experience and bought four sandwiches (AU$7.50 each): two roast pork, one roast lamb and one roast beef.

Just as watching chefs making roti at Mamak in Sydney made me hungrier, watching our sandwiches being made was also intensely hungrifying.

I watched greedily as the man making sandwiches lifted a pork roast onto the wooden chopping block.

Roast pork ready for carving

He peeled off the crackling before carving the pork. “Don’t worry,” Juji said, “He wraps the crackling up with your sandwich.” As he carved, the steam that came off the meat and the hot delicious smell of roasted pork was just fantastic.

Carving the roast pork

Each roast pork sandwich was made with two generous slices of pork.

Assembling a roast pork sandwich

Once the carved meat was placed on the bread, he squirted roasting juices onto the meat from a squeezy bottle. He then sprinkled pepper and salt onto the meat, placed the second piece of bread on top, then wrapped up the sandwich. This was all done in just over 30 seconds.

Making a roast pork sandwich at Mondo Butchers

Here’s a video of our second roast pork sandwich being made, in 33 seconds! :D You can hear the sound of Beaufort Street traffic in the background – the roast meat stall is set up outdoors, near the shop’s front entrance. If you’re in the vicinity, it’s pretty hard to miss. The awesome roast meat smells may sing you a siren song (yes, apparently I’ve just suggested it is possible to hear roasts singing, with your nose :P).

We went back to Juji and Jay’s place to eat the sandwiches. I’m kind of envious that they live close to Mondo’s. If Jac and I lived near Mondo’s, we’d probably be there for roast meat sandwiches quite regularly!

Juji cut the pork sandwiches in half, and the beef and lamb sandwiches into quarters. She meticulously cut the pork crackling in half too.

Carefully cutting the roast beef sandwich in half

Each of us had a plate of sandwiches that looked something like this. As you can see the generous layer of roast meat coupled with the thickly sliced sourdough makes pretty decent-sized bites!

My plate

I saved my crackling for last. I wish crackling wasn’t so bad for you.

Roast pork crackling surrounded by a wall of roast meat sandwiches

Here’s what the first roast pork sandwich looked like, unwrapped.

Roast pork sandwich

The pork crackling:

Roast pork crackling

The sliced roast pork in the sandwich. I liked the roast pork the best. I don’t mind admitting I was pleased there was fat and lean pork included.

Roast pork sandwich - the meat shot

The roast lamb sandwich:

Roast lamb sandwich

The roast lamb was juicy and delicious. The roast pork smelled amazing, but of course nothing beats the distinct aroma of roast lamb (that is, if you like the smell of lamb. When I was a kid, I couldn’t stand the smell of lamb, and wouldn’t even eat lamb chops. Yes, really! How crazy was that?! :)) This was Jac’s favourite out of the three meats.

Roast lamb sandwich - the meat shot

The roast beef sandwich:

Roast beef sandwich

I was starting to get full by the time I got to the beef. I have a pretty big appetite, but even I have my limits. :P Juji wrapped up my leftovers so I could take them home for later.

Roast beef sandwich - the meat shot

One thing I reckon that would make these sandwiches even better is more juice/gravy. They should sell containers of juice/gravy so you can pour more on, or even dip your bread into it, as you eat your sandwich. That would definitely make them more moist and even more tasty.

While we were at Mondo, we did have a look in the shop itself. They sell the usual meats, roasts, sausages and so on, but they also sell more unusual and exotic meats. We saw buffalo, crocodile, venison, quail and spatchcock in the freezer. You could also buy hot lemon and garlic butter roasted free-range chickens (AU$15), cooked pork shanks (AU$6) and truffled “moonmeat”, which is free range pork meatballs with truffled cheesy centres (AU$6). It all looked yummy. The next time I’m there getting myself a roast pork sandwich I think I’ll also have to buy a roast chicken and some truffled moonmeat. :D

Mondo Butchers sign - For the Professional, the Passionate & the Hungry

Now if I say the words “Mondo roast meat sandwich” to Jac, she looks all dreamy and says: “Those sandwiches were beautiful.”

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Mondo Butchers
“For the Professional, the Passionate & the Hungry” – get a hot fresh roast meat sandwich from 8am on Saturday morning!
824 Beaufort Street (corner Sixth Avenue)
Inglewood WA
Telephone: (08) 9371 6350
Tuesday to Friday: Open 8:00am to 6:00pm
Saturday: Open 7:00am to 2:00pm
Sunday and Monday: Closed

We didn’t need lunch that day, but Jac took me out to dinner that night. That post is next. :D

Where else can I get a great roast meat sandwich?

If you know anywhere else around Perth we can get a great roast/barbecue meat sandwich, please let me know!

And if you’re not in Perth, feel free to tell me about your favourite roast/barbecue meat sandwich and where to get it, just in case I happen to visit! ;)

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