Bacon and egg toasted sandwich with BBQ sauce

Mmmm, bacon…

Jac gave me a lift to the train station one morning and we stopped to grab breakfast at a lunch bar on the way – takeaway bacon and egg toasted sandwiches. I didn’t unwrap my sandwich until I was at my desk at work, and I was thrilled to see the layers of bacon in it.

Bacon and egg toasted sandwich with BBQ sauce

The egg was a little more overcooked than I like, but I reckon the egg would have been a little more gooey if I had eaten the sandwich immediately after buying it instead of carrying it wrapped in paper on the train all the way to work. But oh, with all that salty salty bacon and sweet smokey barbecue sauce, it was lovely! A couple of workmates eyed my breakfast with envy that morning – I tried my best not to look smug (I probably failed) :P

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