Soup and toasted sandwiches, banana and custard pudding…Twitter and two words!

When Jac emailed me at work during the day to ask what I felt like for dinner, I knew right away: tomato soup and toasted sandwiches. I’d had a shocker of a day and needed comforting.

Dinner and Twitter

The tomato soup was a tin of plain old Heinz condensed soup. Jac made it with water, no milk. We made three kinds of toasted sandwiches, all on multi-grain bread, and each had half of each type of sandwich. There was ham and mild English mustard; ham, mushroom and mayo; mushroom, mayo and Swiss cheese.

Tomato soup and toasted sandwiches

I had soup and sandwiches and a glass of lemonade. Yes, and that is my iPod Touch on the table next to my dinner. Jac doesn’t mind if I tweet at the dinner table as long as I 1) pay attention when she’s talking to me (always!) and 2) don’t let the tweeting get in the way of eating (never!). :P I only tweeted during the moments when all that could be heard was the crunch of toasted sandwich and the slurp of hot soup (it’s easy to ninja-tweet on an iPod Touch). It’s all about multi-tasking! A couple of you guys may recognise your Twitter icons on the iPod screen in the picture if you look very closely. :D

Tweeting at dinner


After we cleared away the soup and sandwich dishes, Jac surprised me with a dessert from the fridge – banana and custard pudding. She made it the night before, after I’d gone to bed, and I hadn’t noticed it sitting on a shelf in the fridge. One of her workmates makes this pudding at home and told her how to make it. It’s basically sponge fingers (like the kind you use to make tiramisu) soaked in coffee, just like when you make tiramisu – but instead of whipping up marscapone, you simply use ready-made custard poured straight out of the carton, and you also include a layer of fresh sliced bananas. The sponge and bananas are all smothered in the custard, then you top it all off with fresh whipped cream and shaved chocolate and after chilling in the fridge overnight, voila – a simple but decadent banana and custard pudding! If you like a boozy pudding, you could easily soak the sponge fingers in alcohol like you soak them in coffee liqueur to make tiramisu, to make it even more indulgent. I liked it just fine without any booze. Sorry guys, this is as close to a recipe as you’ll get for this pudding.

Banana, custard and cream pudding

After a comforting dinner of soup and toasted sandwiches, a bowl of sweet cold creamy pudding was a pretty comforting dessert too. I love bananas and banana pudding of any kind, as long as it’s been made with real banana – I detest nasty fake banana flavour.

Two words!

I love even just hearing the words “banana pudding“.
Other two-word phrases I love to hear:
fried chicken
bursty prawns
roast pork
book sale
dinner’s ready
I’m home

EDIT: Dawn reminded me of two very important words! I can’t believe I forgot them! SAUSAGE SIZZLE! :D Check out more great two-word suggestions from readers at Facebook.

What two-word phrase do you love to hear? Only two words!

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