The Food Pornographer featured in Perth Sunday Times

I was interviewed for a story about food blogging in this weekend’s food issue of STM (Sunday Times Magazine, 30 May 2010).

If you missed it or don’t live in Perth, you can download a copy below (thanks to the Sunday Times for supplying the PDFs):

STM article (low res) – I eat therefore I blog (PDF 175KB)
STM article (high res) – I eat therefore I blog (PDF 1MB)

The story also features profiles of several Perth food bloggers:
Abstract Gourmet, Wannabe Gourmand, Beaufort Street Blog and Tannic Teeth. We all share our three top eats around Perth. Congrats guys! :D

So, on Sunday morning Jac and I went to the supermarket to buy bacon for breakfast and pick up a few copies of the Sunday Times.

I’d had fun during the photo session at the Sunday Times studio and I knew pretty much what to expect of the published picture, but I usually cringe at pictures of myself and really couldn’t bear to look at it. :) Jac didn’t hesitate – she grabbed a copy of the magazine and flipped through the pages impatiently to find the article. She grinned at the photo and chuckled as she read. She said: “Hey, you talked about me too!” Of course, sweetheart – this blog would be nothing without you!

We made breakfast – French toast with bacon, all drizzled (and as I ate, rolled) in maple syrup. Jac fried the French toast to a buttery golden brown – I love those crinkly crisp brown edge bits of the French toast as well as the soft, custardy centre of the eggy bread. And the bacon… well, it was just its delicious fatty salty self. You know, just looking at this photo now, I’m thinking to myself: why didn’t I put the bacon between the two slices of bread and eat it like a bacon French toast sandwich? Next time, next time!

If you’ve discovered The Food Pornographer from reading the STM article, welcome! :D

If you’re a regular or long-time reader, or even a sporadic one, thank you – you guys are an important part of this blog and I really appreciate all your support.

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