Beerenberg Farm Taka Tala chicken casserole

Jac made a delicious casserole for dinner recently. It’s called Taka Tala casserole, made using Beerenberg Farm Taka Tala sauce and marinade. The casserole can be made with chicken, pork or beef – Jac used chicken.

The casserole also has potatoes and tinned tomatoes in it. The tomatoes plus the sauce combine to give it that vividly red colour. Jac served the casserole with peas and I buttered us each a fresh white crusty bread roll.

Beerenberg Farm Taka Tala chicken casserole with peas and a buttered bread roll

The casserole was absolutely delicious! Savoury flavours of stock, onions and garlic with a hint of sweetness from the tomatoes and Taka Tala. The chicken and potatoes were wonderfully tender. It’s great rainy day winter comfort food! I ate my casserole with a spoon and tore up my bread roll with my hands, dipping pieces of bread in the gravy. I mopped up every last drop of that delicious gravy with more bread, leaving a “clean” plate. Well… that’s not unusual for me. :)

Beerenberg Farm Taka Tala chicken casserole

I’d never heard of Taka Tala before. According to the label, the original recipe for Taka Tala came from a farmer in Zimbabwe. If you’re a fan of tomato chutney or barbecue sauce, you’ll probably like this sauce and marinade – it has a lot of spice and fruity flavour but is not spicy-hot.

Beerenberg Farm Taka Tala sauce and marinade

About Beerenberg Farm

Beerenberg Farm is an Australian company based at Hahndorf in South Australia.

If you’ve stayed or eaten buffet at an Australian hotel you’ll probably be familiar with their 28g mini jars of jam, honey, sauce and mustard. I must admit that for a long time, I thought that’s all Beerenberg produced. I now know they also make full-sized retail products: all kinds of chutneys, sauces, dressings and jams available at the major supermarkets (for example IGA in East Perth, where that awesome curry bar is, sells a range of Beerenberg products). Jac is a big fan of Beerenberg green tomato pickle, which tastes great in a sandwich with cheddar cheese. :)

Thank you to Beerenberg Farm for sending the Taka Tala sauce and marinade. I’d never have thought to try it otherwise! Next time, Jac plans to make a pork Taka Tala casserole or try a different recipe.

Beerenberg Farm has sent me free samples of some of their products but has not paid me to write about them – all opinions expressed in this post are my own. In fact, I’ve been a fan of Beerenberg’s mini jams, sauces and mustards long before discovering their retail product range.

Taka tala casserole and more recipes

Our Taka Tala casserole recipe notes

  • The recipe is a keeper for sure! It follows the basic method for cooking a casserole so it’s very easy to follow.
  • Since she made a chicken Taka Tala casserole, Jac used chicken stock instead of beef stock.
  • Although Step 5 of the recipe says to cover and simmer for 1 hour, Jac cooked our chicken version for half an hour only at Step 5. The chicken turned out nice and tender.
  • The recipe does not say how many people it serves. For Jac and me, it made enough for three generous portions. It could easily serve four people if you served it up in smaller portions, as main course after a starter, or as a main course with more vegetable side dishes etc. Jac and I are big eaters!

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