Dinner – wholegrain mustard pork with oven-baked vegetables

Jac marinated pork fillet with wholegrain mustard, honey and Worcestershire sauce and seasoned it with garlic salt. She cooked the pork in the oven for 40 minutes and rested it for 10 minutes before carving it into nice thick slices.* She served the pork with baked potatoes, carrots and radish, as well as red cabbage (boiled with a little butter) and steamed green beans. We don’t normally have oven baked radishes but on this occasion, Jac had bought some radishes and there was a freaky big one in the bunch – she decided to bake it with the other vegetables. I don’t normally like radishes but they’re surprisingly good baked! In the photo below, the radish is the vegetable that looks kind of like a potato in the centre of the plate.

Wholegrain mustard pork with vegetables

The pork was tender, juicy and flavoursome. I really enjoyed it. I also loved how the colourful the meal was – and it was all-natural colour, too! :D

Wholegrain mustard pork close-up

One of the food items I have learned to appreciate as a result of being with Jac is mustard. She loves all kinds of mustard with meat and in sandwiches. When I first got together with Jac, I didn’t like mustard. She never forced me to eat it, but because she loves it so much we always had different kinds in the fridge. I began to eat it more over the years and slowly grew to like it. Now I love toasted ham, Swiss cheese and mustard sandwiches, I love Welsh rarebit and when I make chicken and mayo sandwiches, I always add a little wholegrain mustard (see my KFC sandwich filling recipe).

*Whenever Jac cooks meat in the oven, she uses a chart of meat cooking times and temperatures that we have up on the fridge. The instructions for pork are: cook at 200C for 60 minutes per kg. We’ve had that cooking chart for so long I can’t remember if it’s from a book or the Internet.

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