Mrs Mac’s limited edition meat lovers pie (product review)

A meat pie for breakfast on a chilly Saturday morning? I love pies and I love meat, so yes please! I love the smell of pastry, hot, fresh and golden-brown out of the oven. Note to self: stop breathing in that glorious hot pie smell – hurry up, take the photographs then EAT!

Mrs Mac's limited edition meat lovers pie

The Mrs Mac’s Limited Edition Meat Lovers pie features a rich meaty, spicy gravy with four meats: chunky steak, bacon, cabanossi and pepperoni. This really is a pie for meat lovers. I was surprised to discover that the gravy had a hint of chilli in it, which I really liked – but Jac said she’d have preferred a less spicy pie. Personally, I thought the chilli had a significant enough presence that it should’ve been mentioned on the front of the pie packaging (it wasn’t). So be warned, it’s not chilli hero hot, but if you really don’t like chilli/spicy food you may not like this pie. We both love a chunky meat pie, and the chunkiness of the meat in the Meat Lovers pie was so very satisfying, visually as well as to eat.

Mrs Mac's limited edition meat lovers pie innards

I ate my pie with tomato sauce. I’ve written about my favourite food smells before, many involving bacon. Another of my favourite food smells is that distinctive smell of hot meat pie – the smell of pastry, brown gravy and tomato sauce. The gravy was finger-suckingly tasty, so good I didn’t leave a drop behind on my plate.

Mrs Mac's limited edition meat lovers pie innards

The Meat Lovers pie is the third of a series of limited edition pies that have been released this winter as part of Mrs Mac’s It’s All About The Pie campaign. The Meat Lovers pie is available during June and August, so if you like the look of it, you’d better try one quick! Maybe if there’s enough interest, they’ll decide to make it part of their regular range (hint hint, Mrs Mac’s ;)). I plan to have at least another before the end of August!

Thanks to Mrs Mac’s for sending Meat Lovers pies for us to try.
Find out more about Mrs Mac’s pies at

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