Swedish meatballs with cream gravy

Ah, Swedish meatballs with cream gravy. We had them for dinner at home with mashed potato and steamed cabbage. We did buy a jar of lingonberry jam to eat with the meatballs but I don’t like it that much. There are certain berry flavours I’m not so partial to, including lingonberry and raspberry. I told Jac if I needed any jammy sweetness I’d have a little strawberry or cranberry jam instead. Jac on the other hand, loves berry flavours, especially berry jams and berry sauces with meat.

Swedish meatballs, cream gravy, mashed potatoes and steamed cabbage

She cooked the meatballs in a tray in the oven. Like frozen peas, these tasty meatballs really are one of the triumphs of frozen food products. They are always so juicy and full of flavour. I’m not being paid to sing the praises of IKEA’s frozen meatballs – I just really love them! :D

Swedish meatballs, cream gravy, mashed potatoes and steamed cabbage

If you like Swedish meatballs with cream gravy…

You can do what we did – eat Swedish meatballs at the IKEA restaurant, shop for furniture then stop by the Swedish food market on the way out and buy frozen Swedish meatballs, cream gravy mix and a jar of lingonberry jam (and don’t forget to grab a $1 hot dog for a snack on the way out :D*). IKEA recommends one packet of meatballs to two packets of cream gravy mix.

Or you can make your own meatballs and cream gravy, like my sister Juji does – see Juji’s Swedish meatballs recipe, which was adapted from the IKEA Friends meatballs with cream sauce recipe.

I often think if I could cook like Jac or Juji, I would be unstoppable! But I shall just be content with my unstoppable appetite. :D

*Actually, Juji, Jay, Jac and I have discussed the holy grail of IKEA eating: arrive and eat breakfast (I’d want the AU$3.50 fry-up – bacon, eggs, hash brown, baked beans, sausage and tomato), shop for furniture, eat Swedish meatballs for lunch, finish shopping (pay for chosen items etc) but before leaving the store, stop at the bistro on the way out and grab a $1 hot dog for a snack on the way home. Juji and Jay tell me the $1 crumbed chicken tenders are delicious too. The trick is getting there early enough to have breakfast and then working up enough of an appetite while shopping so you can eat lunch a few hours later.

I guess this is how gluttons strategise. ;D

More Swedish meatballs!

PS: Perth people may have noticed the IKEA ads in the West Australian for the $1.95 fry-up (unbelievable value, considering the usual price is already a cheap $3.50!) – according to the IKEA website this offer ends on 11 June.

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