Turkey breast sandwich, salad, crisps and garlic pizza

A fun weekend dinner! Jac seasoned turkey breasts with salt and pepper then panfried them. She lightly toasted hot dog buns, then added mixed lettuce, a little mayonnaise and the turkey breasts to make sandwiches. She served the sandwiches with sliced fresh tomato, cucumber, carrot sticks and a handful of potato crisps. It looked like a meal you’d serve a little kid! Fiona, you’ve made the comment before that I’m like feeding a little kid – I guess this is further evidence to that! :P

Turkey breast sandwich, salad and chips

I was eager to bite into my juicy turkey breast sandwich. Jac had toasted the hot dog buns to a perfect chewiness. Why hot dog buns, you ask? They just happened to be left over in the fridge and Jac wanted to use them up. We didn’t have wieners, but we had turkey. But I could smell something else cooking… something that smelled delicious!

Turkey breast sandwich

Jac had made a garlic pizza! She used a pre-made thin pizza base, drizzled olive oil, cracked fresh black pepper and salt and sprinkled fresh garlic on top, then baked it in the oven until the pizza base was crispy and the garlic browned and fragrant. It smelled fantastic!

Garlic pizza

Just a little reconfiguration on the plate to fit a couple of slices of garlic pizza. No cutlery required. It was a tasty and fun meal. I think I smiled the whole time I was eating it.

Turkey breast sandwich, salad, crisps and garlic pizza

What “kids meal” do you enjoy eating as an adult?

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