Dinner – grilled ham steak and pineapple, oven fries, vegetable medley, cucumber and watermelon

Another colourful dinner! Jac grilled ham steaks and pineapple rings and served them with oven fries, leftover baked bits and bobs vegetable medley on tomato wedges, and cucumber and watermelon cubes on a bed of lettuce.

Ham steak and pineapple, oven fries, vegetables, cucumber and watermelon

Regular readers know how much I love sweet and savoury foods eaten together, like pancakes with bacon and maple syrup. So of course I love salty ham steak with sweet, juicy pineapple. And I do like ham and pineapple on pizza too. :)

Ham steak and pineapple

The fries were crispy and gave this dinner a junk food appeal. I ate everything else using a fork and knife but I always eat fries with my fingers. :)

Oven fries

Jac sliced up fresh tomato and served the leftover baked bits and bobs vegetable medley on top, like a cold cooked vegetable salad. The cold vegetable medley was really tasty. I reckon it would be great in a continental roll, with salami and other cold meats, cheese, pickles…

Oven baked vegetables

I ate the cucumber with everything else, including the bed of lettuce, but I left the watermelon to the end for a sweet refreshing finish. It was great!

Watermelon and cucumber

Colourful meals like this demonstrate precisely why I think over-dark restaurants are silly. For me, and I think for most people, part of the pleasure of a delicious meal is enjoying how it looks in all its glory. It’s hard to do that in a dark room. I’ve said this before: I find it especially irritating that many posh restaurants are so dark – we’re paying for beautifully prepared and thoughtfully presented dishes made by talented and highly skilled chefs using the best produce, with top-notch service – surely we deserve to be able to see the food properly!

The red and yellow capsicums in the vegetable medley and the lettuce were all from our garden. I love eating homegrown vegetables. We’ve had lots of homegrown chillies this year too. In previous years we’ve mostly enjoyed tomatoes and homegrown cherry tomatoes. Jac loves gardening and cooking and we both love eating – it works out perfectly! :D

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