Homemade pizzas

Well, not totally homemade – we didn’t make the pizza bases. Jac bought fresh pizza bases from Bakers Delight and made two pizzas for dinner.

She made a vegetarian pizza topped with finely diced onion, fresh tomato, tinned champignons, homegrown capsicum, spinach and garlic on tomato sauce. She put extra cheese and olives on her half of the pizza, and sundried tomatoes on my half.

Vegetarian pizza

She made the second pizza a meatlovers one, topped with pepperoni, bacon, ham, onion, turkey mince, barbecue sauce and lots of finely diced onion. Jac also put extra cheese on half of the meatlovers pizza. The turkey mince was in the fridge and needed to be used up, so she quickly panfried it before using it on the pizza.

Meatlovers pizza

I prefer thin and crispy pizza bases to thicker doughier ones, but these had a nice chew to them.

Vegetarian pizza and meatlovers pizza slices

Pizza for dinner always means leftovers. And then I have a difficult decision to make: leftover pizza for breakfast, or lunch?

I like my pizza hot when it’s fresh, but when I eat leftover pizza I prefer it cold straight out of the fridge. I like leftover kebabs and leftover KFC cold too. But I am still yet to try something a few readers have recommended: placing two slices of leftover pizza, topping sides together, in the sandwich toaster to make a kind of toasted pizza sandwich. The reason I haven’t tried this out yet is I tend to devour the leftover pizza as soon as I’ve taken out of the fridge – only to think afterwards: “Damn, I meant to try making one of those toasted pizza sandwiches!”

Note: this is not a sponsored post – we just happened to buy the pizza bases and thought they were pretty good. We prefer the convenience of ready-made pizza bases – we don’t tend to have the time to make our pizza bases from scratch.

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