Takeaway and junk food

Indian takeaway lunch from Maya Masala at Westfield Carousel: butter chicken, vegetable curry, chicken biryani and crispy onion bhaji. Always while I’m enjoying eating my Indian food I’m also secretly thinking about how awesome the leftovers will be the next day for breakfast. In our family it’s perfectly normal to be planning or thinking of the next meal while eating the current one.

Butter chicken, vegetable curry, biryani and onion bhaji from Maya Masala

Another takeaway lunch – from Chilliz at Waterford Plaza. BBQ noodles, with char siu-style chicken. Really, it’s not char siu pork, it’s chicken! :D Jac grabbed this for me while she was out and about, but once she’d had a little taste she kept eating more and more of it! Next time I’m sure she’ll get one for herself as well. :)

Chicken (done char siu style) and noodles from Chilliz

I mentioned the Chicken Treat Hawaiian Pack recently. A chicken quarter leg, chips and two crumbed pineapple rings. I live in hope for the “limited time only” Hawaiian pack specials with a crumbed pineapple ring and a crumbed banana. The pineapple and banana were standard in Hawaiian packs until Cyclone Larry wiped out 80 per cent of Australia’s banana crop back in 2006. Banana prices returned back to normal eventually, but the Hawaiian pack never went back to banana as standard. Very sad for us banana fans.

Chicken Treat Hawaiian Pack

One of my favourite lunches from 88 Royal lunch bar in East Perth – the Thursday special, meatballs and onion in a tomato sauce with rice. I always ask for some of the tomato gravy on the rice. I don’t know the specials schedule, but I do know when my favourites are on – fried rice and honey chicken on Mondays, tomato sauce meatballs and rice on Thursdays.

Tomato sauce meatballs and rice from 88 Royal lunch bar

Once in a while McDonald’s really hits the spot, floppy fries and all.

Fries x 2

I have said this before here at the blog, but I really really REALLY miss the dark meat Chicken McNuggets. I love Chicken McNuggets and can eat them hot or cold, fresh or left over, but I miss those juicier springier dark meat ones.

Chicken McNuggets

Jac recently had a crispy chicken deluxe burger. It was surprisingly juicy. I had my usual Filet O Fish which is my favourite burger, but I totally had burger envy when I saw the chicken deluxe.

Crispy chicken deluxe burger

Sometimes we dine in, sometimes we takeaway.

McDonald's fries

I think my favourite parts of the Filet O Fish are the chewy steamed bun and the tartare sauce – I really like the little gherkin chunks in that tangy tartare sauce.

McDonald's Filet O Fish

I’m a big fan of McDonald’s apple pie. That deep-fried crispy pastry covered in golden-brown bubbles. I don’t know if “ogrelicious” is a great selling point, but then, I’ve never seen any of the Shrek movies. :P

McDonald's apple pie - Shrek packaging

McDonald's apple pie

Like McNuggets, I’m happy to eat these apple pies hot or cold. Cold is less hazardous, I suppose. I’m always burning my tongue on hot food due to over-enthusiastic eating. Hot apple pie filling burns!

McDonald's apple pie innards


I’m always busy but this week will be busier than usual – I have next week off and need to get a number of things sorted at the office in readiness for my absence. This will be my first break since my weekend in Sydney in March. This time though, Jac will be with me. It should be fun.

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