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After checking in at our motel on our first day in Albany, we went for a walk to check out our surroundings. I was on the lookout for a local bakery and gave a squeal of excitement when I spotted the Albany Pie Cafe. We decided to have a bit of a sleep-in the next morning and then come back to have pies for breakfast.

We bought a couple of pies and a quiche to share and sat at one of the tables outside to eat them. All the pies looked good and it was difficult to choose. But as soon as I saw the onion rings on top of the steak, tomato and onion pie (AU$4.90), I wanted to try it.

Steak, tomato and onion pie

Steak, tomato and onion pie (AU$4.90)

The pie was full of chunks of tender beef, soft sweet onion and tomato in a tasty gravy. The pastry was just right – not too thick, not too flaky, puffy, golden-brown and crisp on the edges. Eating a good meat pie really is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Steak, tomato and onion pie innards

Steak, tomato and onion pie innards

The chicken and mushroom pie (AU$5.20) is made using local free range chicken.

Chicken and mushroom pie

Chicken and mushroom pie (AU$5.20)

It was delicious, filled with big chunks of chicken and mushroom in a mustardy gravy.

Chicken and mushroom pie innards

Chicken and mushroom pie innards

I love pies decorated with pastry that’s been cut into little shapes. I pulled the little pastry mushrooms off the top of the chicken and mushroom pie and saved them to eat last of all.

Pastry mushroom

We also shared a chicken and asparagus quiche (AU$4.50). All the quiches are made using certified organic free range eggs.

Chicken and asparagus quiche

Chicken and asparagus quiche (AU$4.50)

Like the pies, the quiche was loaded with meat and veg – in this case, a generous layer of chicken and asparagus beneath the soft egg and cheesy top.

Chicken and asparagus quiche innards

Chicken and asparagus quiche innards

A number of the pies on the menu are described as Harrison gourmet pies or individually named “Harrison” – the Harrison steak pie, Harrison potato pie. Jac asked the woman behind the counter: “What’s Harrison? Is it the breed of cattle the beef comes from?” The woman answered: “No, it’s our family name. We’re the Harrisons.” Awkward! :D She didn’t look too amused but she didn’t look terribly offended either.

The Albany Pie Cafe

The Albany Pie Cafe

The pies are arguably on the pricey side, but the ones we tried were delicious, filled generously with tasty gravy, full of chunks of meat and vegetables. I’m quite happy to pay a bit more for a delicious pie or quiche made with free range chicken/eggs or local beef. And I always like supporting family businesses, especially country bakeries.

If you like a good pie, I reckon they’re worth a try. Next time I’m in Albany I’d like to come back and try the bacon and egg pie (it was much later that I wondered why we didn’t get a bacon and egg pie, seeing as this was breakfast!) or a traditional recipe Cornish pastie.

Albany Pie Cafe
358 Middleton Road
Albany WA 6330
Telephone: (08) 9841 3344 ‎
Open Monday to Friday 9am to 2pm
Salad, sandwiches/rolls, soup, coffee/tea, milkshakes, homemade cakes and slices also available

The steak, tomato and onion pie and the chicken and mushroom pie were both award winners in the Great Aussie Meat Pie Competition. Albany Pie Cafe have two other award winners: the footy pie, made with local organic beef mince, and the bacon and egg pie.

Next door is a wonderful sweet shop called Sugar Boy. If you love lollies and chocolate, you’ll want to check it out. It’s like a dark little cave of confectionery.

Map of Albany Pie Cafe, Albany. Click for larger map
Click for larger map

Ahh, the holiday memories… eating pies!

We always make it a point to check out local bakery pies whenever we visit a new town.

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