Queensland floods

I’ve been feeling upset and worried by all the information and images coming through the news and social media about the floods in Queensland. I can only imagine what the people directly affected by the floods are feeling – those who have had to evacuate their homes, those who may have lost everything or know someone who has been killed in the floods, or have family and friends who are still missing. It’s just awful.

75% of the state of Queensland has been declared a disaster zone. That’s an area twice the size of Texas.

Thankfully, as far as we know, our friends and family who live in Queensland are safe for now.

I’ve had holidays in Queensland a few times and stayed in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast – it’s chilling to hear about so many places that I’ve been to that are now flooded or in danger of flooding.

Remember the awesome brioche French toast with bacon and caramelised banana I ate at the Gunshop Cafe en route to Hamilton Island in 2009? Yesterday morning the Gun Shop Cafe tweeted that they were closing so they could prepare for the floods. They’re located at West End, one of the flood-hit suburbs. This may seem silly, but it’s mind-boggling to think about this lovely cafe in the suburbs, and all the other surrounding shops and businesses – all under threat from flood.

The competition I’ve been running most recently here at the blog is sponsored by Dreamfarm – their headquarters are located in Albion, in one of the streets on Brisbane City Council’s list of those expected to be affected by the floods. Last time we spoke was via Tweeter yesterday morning – they were busily sandbagging.

And of course, the people who own, run and work at these businesses all have homes too to worry about.

To all my readers and friends in Queensland, Jac and I hope you will all be OK and stay safe. We’re thinking of you all.

So many people have been doing an amazing job, working around the clock – so many government officers, emergency workers, journalists and volunteers. So many people have been helping one another, right in the heart of the floods, and online.

If you’re not in Queensland, you can still help:

Donate to the Queensland Flood Appeal

Donate to RSPCA Queensland and help pets, livestock and wildlife affected by the floods

BBQ for Floods
Floods are affecting people in a number of states, not just Queensland – including people in Carvarvon in my home state of Western Australia. This Australia Day, if you’re planning to have a barbecue, why not consider making it a BBQ for Floods? More info:
BBQ for Floods Facebook page
Follow @BBQforFloods on Twitter
Visit www.bbqforfloods.com.au

Cupcake Drive
In Perth, Sift + Stir has started a cupcake drive to fundraise for Queensland and Carnarvon Flood victims. A number of other cupcake bakers have joined in the cause too.
You can get involved by:

  • Donating money towards supplies
  • Helping with baking and/or decorating of cupcakes
  • Selling cupcakes at your workplace

Update, 16 Jan 2011: Pre-orders now being taken for cupcakes – take to work/school/playgroup etc to sell to aid flood victims. Cupcakes will be available from Sun 23 Jan at distribution points to be advised.

Find out more and get regular updates at Sift + Stir’s Facebook page

Gourmet Traveller magazine is compiling a page of flood fundraiser events being organised around Australia by those in hospitality (chefs, restaurateurs, wineries etc). The page is being updated as more events are announced.

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