Product review: Cuisipro foam pump

This post isn’t about food – it’s about an item that has come in very handy in our kitchen. After all, cooks (well, everybody!) need to wash their hands!

KitchenwareDirect recently sent me a Cuisipro foam pump for review. It’s a liquid soap dispenser with a difference: it converts liquid soap and water to foam. I instantly thought of Top Chef’s King of Foam, Marcel Vigneron*!

Jac was very interested in the product (not so much in my ramblings about Top Chef) and after I’d taken my first round of photos, she commandeered it for use in the kitchen.

Its sturdy design is elegantly simple, with water and soap fill levels marked on the back. The non-slip suction cup on the bottom keeps it in place and means you won’t tip it over by mistake.

L-R: the Cuisipro foam pump; water and soap fill levels; non-slip suction cup

L-R: the Cuisipro foam pump; water and soap fill levels; non-slip suction cup

It’s really easy to set up and use:

  1. Pour in your liquid soap to the soap level marker
  2. Top it up with water to the water level marker
  3. Give it a shake to mix the soap and water
  4. Whenever you want to wash your hands, press down to dispense the foam
Using the Cuisipro foam pump

Using the Cuisipro foam pump

It works really well! The soap and water foam up nicely, and with minimal effort the right amount of foamy soap is dispensed for a decent wash of your hands. Given that you fill the bottle with a ratio of approximately 5:1 water to soap, it’s easy to see that our soap consumption will be a lot more economical using the foam pump. The foam gives me flashbacks to my teenage years when I used to put mousse in my hair!

Jac thinks it’s great and uses it daily. We plan to buy a couple more so we can have a foam pump in the kitchen as well as the bathrooms. Friends’ kids who have used it love the foamy soap! Anything that encourages hand hygiene (especially with kids) has to be good, right? :)

Using the Cuisipro foam pump - liquid soap comes out all foamy like hair mousse

Using the Cuisipro foam pump – liquid soap comes out all foamy like hair mousse

You can even use the foam pump one-handed. Here, the suction cup is very effective and keeps the bottle steady for one-handed operation. The ergonomically designed dispenser is angled so the foam goes straight into your hand.

You can even use the foam pump one-handed

You can even use the foam pump one-handed

Top Chef fans, see why I think of Marcel? Instead of soap, imagine it’s truffle, lobster or coconut foam – we just need a gelee to serve it with. :P


  • 20cm high
  • Dishwasher safe (top shelf)
  • 25-year warranty. Wow, really? Do you think I will still be blogging in 25 years? :)

The Cuisipro foam pump is available at KitchenwareDirect for AU$19.95. There are more user reviews on the product page too.

Thanks to KitchenwareDirect for sending me the foam pump. Not only have we discovered a handy product, Jac has now experienced the “joy” of hand modelling! Let me tell you, food is much easier to photograph! (Thank you, sweetheart :D)

Visit KitchenwareDirect’s website:
Their Facebook page:

*Note I love Top Chef! Marcel was a contestant who loved making foams. He seemed to serve foam on every dish he cooked.

Note 2 Due to sensitive skin issues, I use a low-lathering soap-free wash. The Cuisipro foam pump was tested using standard liquid soap because as the primary cook, Jac has more need to wash her hands in the kitchen throughout the day than me – she uses standard liquid soaps. When we get the next foam pumps, I will try one with my soap-free wash and let you know the results.

Next post: Zoe’s 2nd birthday party!

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