That’s not a mushroom sauce…THAT’S a mushroom sauce

Regular readers know I’m a fan of Beerenberg Farm. They recently sent me a sample pack of three of their newest sauces. I was eager to try one in particular: Creamy Mushroom Sauce. I’m a big mushroom fan and I love mushroom sauce.

For dinner, Jac panfried boneless skinless chicken thighs so they were crispy and golden-brown on the outside while still succulent and juicy. She served the chicken with boiled new potatoes, fresh lettuce, tomato and cucumber, and a bean and corn salad. She made the bean and corn salad using a tin of four bean mix, chopped fresh green beans, corn kernels and finely chopped red onion.

Panfried chicken thigh with Beerenberg creamy mushroom sauce

Panfried chicken thigh with Beerenberg creamy mushroom sauce

According to Beerenberg, the Creamy Mushroom Sauce goes very well with meats and can be served straight from the bottle or heated in the microwave without affecting its texture. Jac microwaved some Creamy Mushroom Sauce until hot and drizzled it over the chicken. It looked great and I couldn’t wait to dig in.

The sauce was certainly velvetty in texture as described. But to be honest, as a mushroom lover, I was a little disappointed with the flavour. It’s a tasty, quite sweet sauce but didn’t taste mushroomy enough to me. If I had tasted it without knowing what it was supposed to be, I’d never guess it was mushroom sauce! And I didn’t think it smelled mushroomy enough either.

Panfried chicken thigh with Beerenberg creamy mushroom sauce - close-up

Panfried chicken thigh with Beerenberg creamy mushroom sauce – close-up

It did go very well with the chicken and the potatoes though. I enjoyed my dinner that night – I just didn’t get any mushroom satisfaction! Jac agreed with me – not mushroomy enough, and she reckons it tastes strongly of tarragon. But she quite likes it and has been enjoying it with various meats – grilled pork steak, turkey roast and so on. According to the label, the sauce is 30% mushrooms (listed as the first ingredient). We could, of course, boof up the mushroomy-ness by cooking up some mushrooms and stirring them through the sauce, but Jac said she’d rather make her own mushroom sauce than do that.

The title of this post was inspired by Paul Hogan’s “That’s not a knife…” quote from Crocodile Dundee – see the video clip below.

That’s not a mushroom sauce – THAT’s a mushroom sauce!

Sausages with mushroom sauce, potatoes and peas, corn and carrot

That’s not a mushroom sauce – THAT’s a mushroom sauce!

THAT mushroom sauce was made by Jac. Yes, I realise you couldn’t pour something that mushroomy out of a bottle! :) And yes, we don’t just love mushrooms, we LOVE them!

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If any of you guys have tried Beerenberg Farm’s Creamy Mushroom Sauce, I’d love to hear what you think.

Provenance Pathway

Beerenberg Farm is quite active on Twitter and recently tweeted about their Provenance Pathway, a cool feature on their website that allows you to track the origin of the ingredients of your Beerenberg Farm product. By entering the last six digits of the bar code and the best before date, you can find out when and where the product was made, the staff member(s) who made it and where its main ingredients came from. I’ve been having fun tracing the provenance of the various Beerenberg Farm products we have in our fridge (unfortunately, Creamy Mushroom Sauce is so new it’s not in the Provenance Pathway database yet). I think it’s a great idea and wish more food companies would do something similar – though perhaps some would not be so keen to reveal the origins of their ingredients!

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The product featured in this post was provided by Beerenberg Farm, but they did not ask nor pay me to write this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

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