Samovar, Busselton

On Easter Monday, we packed, checked out of our holiday apartments and then went breakfast at Samovar, on the corner of Queen and Kent streets in Busselton town centre. It was just after 10am and the cafe was busy – we grabbed the second-last free table.

Jay ordered eggs Benedict (AU$17.00, available with leg ham or smoked salmon). I’m not a big fan of eggs Benedict but even I had to admire this – two poached eggs and leg ham layered on toast smothered with hollandaise sauce that oozed onto the plate.

Eggs Benedict (AU$17.00)

Eggs Benedict (AU$17.00)

Jac ordered the fruit salad with natural yoghurt (AU$8.80). It wasn’t very exciting, as far as fruit salads go – mostly just rockmelon and honeydew melon, with few chunks of apple and one or two strawberries. Jac likes her dishes saucy but thought there was way too much yoghurt.

Fruit salad topped with natural yoghurt (AU$8.80)

Fruit salad topped with natural yoghurt (AU$8.80)

Juji and I were keen to eat a big breakfast before our drive back home to Perth. We both ordered Sam’s fry-up (AU$19.00), with eggs, bacon, chipolatas, mushrooms, toast and tomato (buried under the bacon and mushrooms in the photo). The scrambled eggs were not quite as soft as I like but were buttery and tasty. I was delighted by the abundance of bacon and mushrooms on the plate but the chipolatas were very greasy.

The Sam's fry-up (bacon, chipolatas, mushrooms, tomatoes, scrambled eggs and toast - AU$19.00)

The Sam’s fry-up (bacon, chipolatas, mushrooms, tomatoes, scrambled eggs and toast – AU$19.00)

We ordered corn fritters on the side. Sadly, these were more doughy than corny. My favourite cafe corn fritters are the ones at Toast in East Perth, which are freshly grilled and full of corn kernels.

Corn fritters (side order)

Corn fritters (side order)

Juji and Jay had coffee while Jac and I ordered freshly squeezed orange juice. The juice was not sweet at all. To be honest, it tasted bland, like it had been made with old oranges. Not “off”, just old.

Freshly squeezed orange juice

Freshly squeezed orange juice

Breakfast at Samovar was okay – it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t particularly great either. It was clearly a popular choice every time we passed by during our holiday – but personally, I won’t be rushing back there for breakfast next time I’m in Busselton.

60/66 Queen Street
Busselton WA 6280
Telephone: (08) 9751 2399 ‎
There’s a Google map on the website but nowhere does their address appear. Tsk tsk.
Open daily for breakfast 7am to 11.30am, lunch from 11.30am
Dinner available Wednesday to Saturday

Samovar, Busselton. Click for larger map
Click for larger map

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