Thoughts on club sandwiches (and room service)

In March, I was in Sydney to attend the Singapore Takeout dining event. I decided extend my stay for a few days and enjoy a mini break.

Upon arrival, I took a cab to The Sebel Pier One in The Rocks, where I was staying. It’s very close to Sydney Harbour Bridge – below it, in fact.

Under the bridge

Under the bridge

The scrambled eggs, bacon, tomato and soggy half English muffin and orange juice I had for breakfast on the plane seemed so long ago and after checking in, I found that I was ravenous.

I was also tired. The thought of putting my sneakers back on and going for a walk in search of something to eat didn’t appeal. In situations like this, room service saves the day. It didn’t take long for lunch to be delivered to my room – a club sandwich and a bottle of Coke Zero. The staff member carefully placed the tray on the table but after he left I picked it up and plonked it on the bed. Room service lunch in bed – bliss.

Room Service at The Sebel Pier One (Front Restaurant)  - club sandwich and Coke Zero

Room service – club sandwich and Coke Zero

Part of the fun was looking through the selection of condiments and choosing what to have with my chips. There were mini jars of Beerenberg Bavarian mustard, sweet chilli sauce and tomato sauce, a mini jar of Heinz mayonnaise and a bottle of Tabasco sauce. I couldn’t decide between tomato sauce and mayonnaise, so chose both for dipping my chips into.

Room service condiments

Room service condiments

This was an excellent club sandwich. Bread toasted but not too hard and spread with a tasty aioli, tender well-seasoned grilled chicken, bacon with a bit of fat on. The chips were freshly fried and crisp.

Room Service at The Sebel Pier One (Front Restaurant) – club sandwich

This club sandwich certainly hit the spot, but one of the best room service meals Jac and I have shared was at the Hyatt Canberra. I also had the best bowl of ice cream ever when nursing a sore throat at the Hyatt Canberra.

What’s your little indulgence when you find yourself in a hotel room? (Keep any X-rated tales to yourself, thanks!)

My plan for the rest of the day was to have a bit of a relax, then maybe a spot of afternoon tea, followed by a dinner date with my sister and her hubby. (Singapore Takeout was on the following night). I wish life was always like this.

The Sebel Pier One
11 Hickson Road, The Rocks, Sydney
Telephone: +61 2 8298 9999

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I love club sandwiches

Why do I love club sandwiches so much? They’re:

  • tasty – they usually contain two of my favourite meats, chicken and bacon
  • colourful
  • double-decker
  • special – although not particularly difficult to make, they’re not something we make at home. I usually eat club sandwiches when I’m at a hotel (on holiday) or in a cafe.

See the history of the club sandwich, including theories on its origin.

Tell me about your best club sandwich! I’ve just realised that I’ve eaten most of my recent club sandwiches at Carousel Shopping Centre in Cannington. Recently, I’ve given you burger porn and bakery porn – today, club sandwich porn.

Turkey and bacon club sandwich, Coffee Club, Carousel Shopping Centre, Cannington

Lund club sandwich (not your typical club sandwich – this one comes with ham, Swiss cheese, avocado, tomato, gourmet greens and mustard mayo on toasted multigrain bread), Miss Maud, Carousel Shopping Centre, Cannington

The Best Seller, Miss Maud, Carousel Shopping Centre, Cannington – a classic club sandwich

The Best Seller, Miss Maud, Carousel Shopping Centre, Cannington


I’ll be down south Thursday to Sunday and may not get much time to write, so there may not be new posts Friday or Monday. But I hope to tweet and post photos on Facebook wherever possible, so follow me on Twitter or like my page on Facebook to get the latest updates while I’m on the move.

Honours research project

In a completely unrelated topic to club sandwiches, I’ve agreed to participate in a University of Sydney honours student’s research project on female lifestyle blogging which examines the relationships between bloggers and their blog followers as well as the construction of online celebrity (here I must make the point I DON’T see myself as a celebrity! :P).

If you are also interested in participating (as my blog followers), below is a link to a survey for you to respond to. It’s entirely optional, of course. Your responses will be received by the honours student and kept confidential (I have no access to your responses).

If you would like more information, check out the participation statement

If you’d like to take part, please take the survey before 1 June 2012.

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