Bacon and egg roll brunch

We were back at Point Walter this weekend for a bacon and egg roll brunch, a belated birthday celebration for Jac’s brother Brad.

Jac trimmed the rind off the bacon but left a nice strip of fat on each rasher and Brad cooked it on his trusty yellow portable gas stove. While the bacon sizzled, tummies nearby growled mightily, crows and seagulls loitered menacingly, and as usual, the family glutton with a camera hovered perilously close to the spitting fat. Best smell ever.

Bacon for everyone! Hmm…better cook some more, Brad. Yeah, MORE!

We didn’t bring any cooking oil, so Brad wiped the pan with bacon fat before frying the eggs.

Eggs fried in just a touch of bacon fat.

The BBQ Whisperer at work

We each grabbed a buttered bread roll, sesame seed or poppy seed, and Brad loaded us up with bacon and egg, taking the utmost care not to burst the bulbous soft egg yolks.

This one’s with a soft yolk.

Jac’s mum Pattycakes had her egg over easy – much easier to transfer from spatula to bacon.

This one’s over easy.

Young Max insisted he only wanted bacon in his roll (he changed his mind later).

This one’s just with bacon. For now.

Jac loaded her roll with cheese and lots of sweet smokey BBQ sauce.

Heavy BBQ sauce for Jac

Savannah just had a bacon roll. She shares her auntie’s love for heavy sauce and took her time squirting BBQ sauce all over the bacon.

Heavy BBQ sauce like her auntie

I got a beautifully soft yolked egg too.

I added pepper, cheese and BBQ sauce to my bacon and egg roll.

How do you like your bacon and egg roll? With tomato sauce, BBQ sauce or a different sauce? With cheese or without? Soft egg or over easy? Any other trimmings? Do you prefer a sandwich rather than a bun/bread roll?

My bacon and egg roll, ready for my first droolicious bite. Those pesky poppy seeds get on everything.

Bacon and egg rolls consumed, it was time for coffee. Then the kayakers hit the water. We’re in the midst of another heatwave here in Perth, but sadly, a quick dip was out of the question as the river was teeming with jellyfish.

Kettle’s on for coffee.

Point Walter, Bicton
City of Melville
There are separate areas for boating and for kayaking.
There are toilets/change rooms and a cafe by a grassy area, which is where most picnickers were; we were closer to the sand and water for kayaking convenience.
Ample parking is available.

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