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Edit, September 2014: For various reasons, I have left Servved. Nothing sinister, it just didn’t work out as I’d hoped.

There’s been a lot of work going on behind the scenes at The Food Pornographer for the past several months.

First: a new look. The blog’s been redeveloped in HTML5, still using WordPress. There are still be some tweaks to be made, but overall I hope you’ll find the new design clean and easy to use.

Second: I’ve joined a new network of Australian food bloggers called Servved. The commercial side of my blog will now be managed by digital publisher Sydney Stockholm, the guys behind Servved, with whom I’ve been working with these past months.

You may recognise the other bloggers who are part of the network. We have our own styles, interests and ambitions (the others are talented cooks, for example; my talent in the kitchen is for eating and staying out of the cook’s way), but we’re all serious about our blogs and pour our hearts and souls into them.

I’ve mentioned the dirty word “commercial” – what does this mean for the blog?

From time to time, you will now see an ad banner at the top of the blog. You’ll see a Servved header and footer on my blog pages. That’s the main change you’ll see in terms of the “commercial”.

Most importantly

I’ve been blogging as TFP for almost 8 years now and as the blog has grown, I’ve struggled to juggle the demands of my day job, home and blog as more opportunities have arisen. It’s been a natural evolution and very exciting, but it’s getting increasingly difficult to be a one-woman show – for a while now, it’s been like having two jobs, the day job and the blog. Now that I am part of Servved, I have someone to assist with the management of the ‘business’ side of the blog and a team to support me on the technical side of things while I focus on what’s always been (and will continue to be) the most important aspect of my blog, to me and to you: the content.

I am 100% in control of my blog content, as I always have been – this was paramount before I agreed to be a part of Servved. This blog is my baby and means absolutely everything to me; this change is not something I have taken lightly. My blog continues to reflect my interests, passions and continuing journey as an eater, traveller, writer and photographer. I’ll be updating the blog as I always do, telling stories and sharing my experiences.

No – I won’t be quitting my day job yet!

Thank you for your support of The Food Pornographer – the blog wouldn’t be what it is today without you. I’m really excited about this step forward for TFP, and I hope you’ll join me on this new adventure!

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