Zoe’s 4th birthday party

My niece Zoe turned 4 last month. Regular readers may remember we had a purple pony party last year for Zoe’s 3rd birthday. Well, she still adores purple and horses. She also loves mermaids, butterflies, sparkles, rainbows and ballet.

Zoe had asked for a surprise party, which she’d seen on television, on Play School. And so, a surprise party was organised in secret, and on the big day, my brother took Zoe and her sister Ruby out to the shops while the party guests assembled, ready to say “SURPRISE!” when the birthday girl stepped out onto the patio.

The surprise didn’t work out as well as planned – Zoe was indeed surprised, but also a little overwhelmed. She clung to her mum and refused to join the party initially. Eventually, enticed by the prospect of choosing a cold drink from the esky and a special balloon bunny made by her dad, she perked up and got into the party spirit, happy-go-lucky Zoe once more.

The party food included mini sausage rolls, party pies made by my mum (filled with her chicken stew, they had a distinctly Chinese flavour), popcorn, homemade arancini and fresh fruit.

Party sausage rolls with tomato sauce

Party sausage rolls with tomato sauce

Party pies made by my mum, filled with her chicken stew.


Seedless red grapes

Seedless red grapes

Zoe gets herself some party food, still holding the balloon bunny made by her dad.

Zoe’s birthday ‘cake’ was a meringue stack, which she helped her mum assemble. They splodged yoghurt and drizzled raspberry sauce and blueberry sauce as they built up the layers of a higgledy-piggledy meringue mountain.

Assembling the birthday meringue stack

Assembling the birthday meringue stack

The meringues were delicious and enjoyed by all, some much more messily than others.

That’s good meringue.

What’s better than a balloon dog? A berry saucy face!

Coffee and tea for the grown-ups, babycinos with marshmallows for the kids. I think next time I want to be counted as one of the kids.

Babycinos with marshmallows

The kids eagerly spooned up the froth while pink and white marshmallows bobbed around in their cups of warm milk.

Sisters with babycinos

Zoe received lovely gifts from family and friends, including new clothes, books and art and craft supplies. But I think her favourite present was this gorgeous ballerina dress from her Nanna. She put it on straight away and danced around the gazebo on her tip-toes. As the ballerina danced, the dry leaves nearby rustled… a young danseur was following her every move.

Happy birthday Zoe. Dance on, ballerina!

Birthday ballerina

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