Election day sausage sizzle 2013

I’m proud to be Australian, and I love our great tradition of the election day sausage sizzle. For my overseas readers who may not be familiar with the concept: schools, sporting clubs and public buildings are used as polling booths on election day, and many parents’ associations, sporting teams and community groups use this opportunity to set up fundraiser sausage sizzles and/or cake stalls at the polling booths. My election day would be incomplete and I’d be disappointed if I couldn’t eat a sausage sizzle after placing my vote.

Some clever Aussies set up the crowd-sourced Election Sausage Sizzle map, making it easy to share and look up details about the sausage sizzles and cake stalls at polling booths nationwide, and find the sausage sizzles and cake stalls closest to you/within your electorate. 1,470 sausage sizzles and cake stalls across the country were marked on the map for today’s Australian Federal election, with 144 in my home state of Western Australia.

While polling places open at 8am, we never rock up too early to vote, as the sausage sizzle may not be ready for business. Today as we approached our local primary school, the smoke in the air and the aroma of onions and sausages told us we’d timed it right. At this stall, a sausage in a bun with optional onions and your choice of sauces was AU$2.50.


Jac's sausage sizzle: sausage, onions, mustard and tomato sauce Jac’s sausage sizzle: sausage, onions, mustard and tomato sauce.

My sausage sizzle: sausage, extra onions, barbecue sauce My sausage sizzle: sausage, extra onions, barbecue sauce. The nice man in charge of the tongs gave me extra onions.

Homemade cupcakes were on sale – $1 each or $5 for six.

$5 for 6 cupcakes - done!We chose choc-orange, vanilla, two red velvet, hundred and thousands-encrusted, and the last (not a cupcake) chocolate crackle.

We chose two red velvet, choc-orange (topped with a Jaffa), vanilla, hundred and thousands and the last chocolate crackleA bit of Glad Wrap and we were all set for the walk home.

Right now as I type this while watching the election count on television, Jac’s firing up our barbie to cook garlic prawns for dinner. Meanwhile, for the Australian Labor Party, it’s going, going…gone.

Going, going... gone Going, going… GONE.

Did your polling place have a sausage sizzle, cake stall or something even better?

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