Short stories: My top 100 most ‘interesting’ photos

I know some people ridicule those of us who like to photograph our food, and some chefs even ban customers photographing their meals. But every time I look at my food photographs, I’m reminded of things I’ve seen, places I’ve been, special meals, first tastes, amazing aromas and the simple comfort foods that make me happy. Food photographs evoke so many memories of emotional and sensory experiences.

I’ve been a Flickr member and uploading photos to my account since May 2005, a few months before I started The Food Pornographer blog.

One of my favourite sets is my Top 100 most ‘interesting’ Flickr photos. Flickr has a photo feature called ‘interestingness’. Different things contribute to what makes a photo ‘interesting’ on Flickr – it’s not up to the photographer. This photo set doesn’t contain what I personally think are my most interesting or best shots (and indeed, when I look at the older photos all I think about is what I should’ve done differently), but it’s fun to see it change over time as new images join the ranks of my most ‘interesting’ to make up that top 100. The top 100 is updated every couple of days.

The most ‘interesting’ photo – almost always the first in the list – is a shot of a fantastic cake in the form of Homer Simpson on a giant doughnut, which I took at the Royal Show 2007. And it seems that junk food, ice cream and desserts are consistently very ‘interesting’ too.

If you have a Flickr account, you can set up your own most ‘interesting’ set using this free Flickr Set Manager tool.

Check out my Top 100 most ‘interesting’ photos.

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