Short Stories: The Deutsch

On Saturday, we grabbed a late lunch with our mates visiting from Sydney at Run Amuk Hotdogs Unleashed in South Fremantle. We’ve been there before and were pleased to be back. The name’s a mouthful and so are the hotdogs – in a very good way. Jac and I ordered the Oktoberfest special, The Deutsch (AU$13). Like the rest of Run Amuk’s hotdogs, it’s more about the toppings than the bratwurst sausage, which is pale and tender, largely hidden and barely noticeable, smothered with caramelised onions, Run Amuk’s own sauerkraut, slices of Jarlsberg cheese, crispy speck, lashings of sweet Bavarian mustard and currywurst sauce, and a line of tangy gherkin pickles. This’ll be one of my favourite hotdogs of 2013.


We laughed at our attempts to take decent first bites out of our monster hotdogs, and attacked the shoestring fries, which were fresh out of the fryer and well salted. We washed it all down with housemade gingery lemonade and creamy vanilla malt milkshakes. Don’t ask me how I managed to drop a half-chewed pickle down my sleeve, but I found it stuck to my elbow. Happy days!

See my previous post on Run Amuk Hotdogs Unleashed.


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