Morning tea, Christmas tree

We went to my brother and sister-in-law’s home for morning tea recently. I had a LEGO advent calendar to give to their kids, my nieces and nephew.


We sat down to homemade bread sticks and dip, fresh fruit and slices of still warm from the oven chocolate cake with caramel icing. Nespresso coffee for the grown-ups and frothy babycinos for the kids – everyone was content, especially those sporting magnificent milk moustaches and dunking marshmallows into their mugs.


DSCF2807See that big blob of icing pooling on the plate? I ate it.


After morning tea, the kids decorated the Christmas tree. Caleb’s Christmas tree decoration strategy was simple: grab as much tinsel as possible with both hands and (literally) throw it onto the tree.


He was pretty chuffed with his efforts, but his mum and sisters talked him into trying a different, less tinsel-heavy approach! The next fascinating challenge was separating the thread loops on the Christmas decorations. Certain aunties were enlisted and only too pleased to assist.





Jac and I don’t have a Christmas tree – our younger cat Truffle won’t be able to resist munching on tinsel and attacking the shiny, dangling decorations – it’s just too dangerous. So it was a real treat to help the kids decorate their tree and see how thrilled and excited they were. I’d love to hear about yours – do you have any Christmas tree traditions (or naughty pets) in your family?


For Christmas this year, Jac and I will be away from home. Jac’s mum will be looking after our house and our cats. As usual, I’ll update my social media accounts while on holiday, so the best thing to do is follow me on Facebook, Twitter and my recently resurrected Instagram account. I still plan to update the blog 2-3 times a week as usual. Where are we going? Stay tuned…

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